Episode 17 – with special guest, Tim Paige: “How to find peace in the midst of despair.”

Today’s guest is Tim Paige.


He is a husband, father and …

He is best known as a voice over artist and internet marketing podcast host at Lead Pages.

Tim never meets a stranger, and he always seems to have a smile on his face.

Tim will be the first one to tell you that as a relatively new Christian, he doesn’t pretend to have it all figured out. Did I mention he’s amazingly humble too?

– How the Biblical story of ‘Zacchaeus’ set Tim on a path to find his salvation.

– From a six figure a year job to starting over as an entrepreneur with no income guarantees, a wife, and a baby to provide for at home.

– moving from a fear of death to a peace in life.

– Does being a Christian mean your weak?

– Tim’s experience officiating a homosexual wedding.

Book: The reason for God by Timothy Keller

Book: Total money makeover by Dave Ramsey

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Book: Messy Grace, by Caleb Kaltenbach



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