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Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 37 – with special guest, Dr. Phil Carson: “How a New Dream and a New Hope, Created a New Future.”

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your happiness? How about your health? What does it mean to be whole? Do you think these are important questions for your life? Would your answers to these questions interest God? What do you think God’s stand is on your happiness, health and being…

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Episode 36 -with special guest, Mark Goblowsky: “Shining the Light on the darkest of times.”

If you have listened to this show a few times, you know that strength is forged in the struggle. Having the opportunity to walk alongside another as they move through such a time is an opportunity to see the hand of God at work. What is God at work on in your life today? Sometimes…

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Episode 35 – with special guest, Darryl Lyons: “Put your money where your mouth is; Faith, Finances, & Fear.

The expression, “money makes the world go round” has a lot more meaning to it when you realize that over 2,300 scriptures in the Bible are about money. In fact, there are more scriptures about money in the Bible than faith & prayer combined. Join us today as special guest Darryl Lyons shares what God…

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Episode 34 – with special guest, Tom Schwab: “How to find what you are looking for.”

In episode 34 my guest, Tom Schwab talks about when your faith moves from your head to your heart, you set the stage for for God’s power to be activated. Making the transition from head to heart, is a lot like ‘walking by faith and not by site’ (2 Corinthians 5:7). This mindset positions us…

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Episode 33 – with special guest, Laura Bratton: “Harnessing the Courage to Move Through a Season of Suffering & Grief.

Going through a season of trauma or loss is something that we had just as soon try to avoid, but when a season like this becomes a reality in life, the first key to moving through it isn’t to try and avoid it but to acknowledge it. This notion of acknowledgment will continue to show…

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Episode 32 – with special guest, Aaron Walker: “Living a Life of Significance.”

When tragedy strikes in life, sometimes we ask ourselves; why has this happened to me, or how could something like this happen to me.   The questions that we ask ourselves especially after a difficult or even tragic time in life, sets us on a path looking for answers.   The path you go down…

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Episode 31 – with special guest, Kurt Hudspeth: “How showing up, activates the blessing.”

Have you ever heard the expression, “showing up is half the battle?” In episode 31, special guest Kurt Hudspeth takes that notion one step further, as we take a look at a promise of God that activates His blessing into your life. Kurt Hudspeth is a husband, father of 5, a grandfather, a pastor, a…

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Episode 30 – with special guest, Angus Nelson: “It’s time to define who you are and where you are going.”

In this episode Angus will challenge you to step out in faith, face your fears, and watch new and exciting opportunities present themselves before your very eyes. Meet Angus Nelson; husband, father, author, speaker, podcast host and executive coach. – What does rest have to do with trusting God? – How does trusting God show…

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Episode 29 – What does fingerprints, roses & stars have to do with your blessed life?

Lately I have found  this reoccurring theme from different people that has made a huge impact on them living a truly  satisfying life, a blessed life…. & I want to share it with you. Some of these people have been recent guests of the show and others have been speakers & teachers at a recent…

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Episode 28 – with special guest, Laura Bratton: “How to live with meaning & purpose regardless of what you come up against.”

Could you imagine being 9 years old and and realize that you were starting to lose your vision; then at 12 years old to lose even more of your vision, and finally in High School, to be at the point where you were blind? What would be worse for you, to have your vision and…

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