Episode 24 – with special guest, Will Davis Jr: “Finding Your Truth”

Today’s guest of the show is such a delightful guy to chat with. 9 time author, and Senior/Founding Pastor of Austin Christian Fellowship, Will Davis Jr. has a lot of wonderful insights when it comes to the topic of defining…. Truth. He’s as humble as he is smart. Will’s Master’s and Doctorate degree in Divinity & Ministry, combined with over 35 years of Ministry service sets the stage for an amazing insight when it comes to finding your truth. Tune in as we look to unpack the Truth that will set you free!

– Is the definition of Truth singular, or does vary?

– How does knowing the Truth move us toward a more fulfilling life?

– What did Jesus really mean in John 14:6 when he said ….”no one comes to the Father except thorough me.”

– What about those who have never heard of the saving grace of Jesus?

– Can we really trust that the Bible is what it says it is?

– Is God playing ‘hide & seek’ with you?’

– Who is it in John 8:40 that told us the Truth?

– How does nature, the birds, and our surrounding, point us to God?

– Does Romans 1:19-21 help us to see that God’s glory is all around us?

Check out Wills latest book below, “A man who told us the Truth.”

Click here to learn more about Will Davis Jr. at his website. 



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