Episode 28 – with special guest, Laura Bratton: “How to live with meaning & purpose regardless of what you come up against.”

Could you imagine being 9 years old and and realize that you were starting to lose your vision; then at 12 years old to lose even more of your vision, and finally in High School, to be at the point where you were blind?

What would be worse for you, to have your vision and lose it, or to never have your vision to start with?

These are tough but real questions that my featured guest, Laura Bratton shares with us in this episode.

– How do you go from I can’t to I can?

– How to live with meaning and purpose regardless of what you come up against.

– Are you willing to receive the necessary help?

– Laura’s top 3 sources of support.

– What does my  identity have to do with my security?

-What two types of love does God promise ?

– How silence can connect you to God.

Philippians 4:13 source for strength.

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