Episode 38 – with special guest, PJ Jonas: “Trusting Jesus even when it doesn’t look like I think it should.”

Have you ever felt that you are in a season of starting over, again?

Do you wonder what are the correct steps to take when doors are closing around you?

Could God be punishing you?

Should God’s will make the journey of your life easier?

What environment are you creating to ‘hear’ God?

These are just a few of the questions that today’s guest, PJ Jonas and I talk about. PJ is a fascinating lady. She shares some wonderful insights on being mom, wife, and business owner. PJ, her husband Jim, and their 8 kiddos have created the neatest business; it truly is a family affair – but it wasn’t always ‘sunshine and rainbows.’

Tune into this episode with PJ  and myself and learn what it means to trust Jesus even when life doesn’t look like it should.

PJ’s verse, Psalm 68:20…. God is a God of deliverance

PJ’s verse Romans 8:28…. work together for our good

This book has really blessed PJ. It’s titled, ‘Margin’ by Richard Swenson and you can get an audio version of it free at audibletrial.com/blessed

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