Episode 41 – with special guest, Andy Andrews: “How the Small Things are the Key to Unlocking your Future.”

If you have ever heard of the saying, “watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves,” then you know it’s the little things that make the difference.

It’s the little things, the small things, that set the stage for us to better handle the bigger things.

This isn’t just some cute saying, this is a sound Biblical principle.

Today’s guest and I take a deep dive into understanding how the “small things” actually make the difference and even set the stage for what’s to come for your life.

Blessed Nation, meet Andy Andrews.

Andy is a master story teller. His ability to effectively communicate his message is evident in the fact that he has written over 25 books, several of which have become New York Times bestsellers.

As a renown speaker and teacher, Andy is sought out to help others achieve extraordinary results for their life.

And today…..

We get to pick Andy’s brain on topics like;

  • Why should we challenge conventional wisdom on why the small things really do matter in life?
  • How the little things create such huge impact in our walk in Christ.
  • We discuss “the gap..” and how these perceived little things in life set the stage for the life we are creating.
  • How we can use the ‘little’ things’ to solve the bigger problems we might be facing in life.
  • What is the better question we should be asking; Why or How?

Find out more about Andy and check out his book “The Little Things: Why you really should sweat the small stuff”

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