Episode 47- with special guest, Sharon Spano: Time & Money- moving from fear and scarcity to joy and prosperity

What do you think of when you hear, ‘The pursuit of time and money?”

What are your internal story-lines that are driving your behaviors of Time & Money?

Our beliefs around Time & Money are positioning us to live a life either in fear and scarcity or joy and prosperity.

In today’s episode we are going to chat with Dr. Sharon Spano and unlock the the keys to transforming our relationship with Time & Money so that we can experience a more meaningful and prosperous life.

Here are just a few highlights of what you will learn……

  • Identifying what is driving your behaviors around Time & Money.
  • How to let go of a mindset that may be holding you back from joy & prosperity.
  • Understanding how the ‘chase’ is keeping you from living a fuller life.
  • Discover the secret to a meaningful & prosperous life.
  • Learn the Cycle of Freedom and how it can set you free.

12:34">Luke 12:34 …’treasure and heart’.

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