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Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 27 – with special guest, Jared Easley: “When hope doesn’t look like you think it should.”

When you finally see a little light at the end of the tunnel, what do you see? When hope shows up but it doesn’t look like what you thought it might be, what do you do? In episode 27 special guest Jared Easley finds himself in a place just like that. Jared shares a story…

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Episode 26 – with special guest, Jim Palmer: Moving through a “Season of Crazy”

Business coach Jim Palmer opens up with us about some financial & health setbacks that sent him in to a season of ‘craziness,’ and yet moved him into a place that can only be described as, destiny. Jim is a husband of 36 years, a father, a 6 time author, and host of an awesome…

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Episode 25 – ‘Can you trust the Bible is truly the word of God?’

Today, in episode 25, I want to extend this notion of Truth that I asked Pastor Will Davis Jr, about in our last episode. In episode 24 one of the questions I asked Will Davis Jr was… “Why should someone trust the Bible?” This is a question that I think people are asking….. Often. Sometimes…

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Episode 24 – with special guest, Will Davis Jr: “Finding Your Truth”

Today’s guest of the show is such a delightful guy to chat with. 9 time author, and Senior/Founding Pastor of Austin Christian Fellowship, Will Davis Jr. has a lot of wonderful insights when it comes to the topic of defining…. Truth. He’s as humble as he is smart. Will’s Master’s and Doctorate degree in Divinity…

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Episode 23 – with special guest, Pastor Bill Tucker: “Moving through the loss of a child.”

Pastor Bill Tucker gets very real and personal as he shares about the loss of his son to suicide. This episode will touch your heart as Pastor Bill Tucker opens up about how the loss of his son effected him, his family, his church, and those around him. In this episode we will look at:…

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Episode 22 – ‘How to Divorce Proof your Marriage.”

Today, in episode 22, we are going to look at one thing, now granted this one thing has many parts, but this one thing…“will make your marriage divorce proof.” I know that’s a bold claim….. But I’m not done. This one thing will take a stale marriage and revive it… And a broken marriage and…

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Episode 21 – with special guest, Matt Heard: “How to have a Life with a Capital L.”

“Life with a capital L has everything with me engaging with purpose, significance and meaning, therefore it gives me insight to the larger story.” I would like to welcome back to the show, Matt heard! In episode 21 we are going to talk about… – How to satisfy your longings. – What is a temporal…

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Episode 20 – “You are called to live an abundant life.”

Once you complete the today’s episode, you will have a mini blueprint to living an abundant life in Christ. But it is only the beginning, not the end, it is your jumping off point to a life that is truly satisfying, fulfilling, and in line with the way God intended it to be. The little…

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Episode 19 – with special guest, Susan Maresh: “Living on Purpose.”

In episode 19 our featured guest is Susan Maresh. She is a lovely woman of God, wife, grandmother, and mother. In fact, she’s my mother! My Mom never meets a stranger. She is full of love and life and has been an amazing influence in my life. She is an amazing woman of God and…

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Episode 18 – “How to reign in your life.”

I want to share something with you that will help you to reign in this life. It is both a gift (from God) and a tool that will bless you immensely… And it may even challenge the way you think. No matter what you find yourself chasing under the ‘proverbial’ sun, God’s righteousness is the…

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