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Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 17 – with special guest, Tim Paige: “How to find peace in the midst of despair.”

Today’s guest is Tim Paige.   He is a husband, father and … He is best known as a voice over artist and internet marketing podcast host at Lead Pages. Tim never meets a stranger, and he always seems to have a smile on his face. Tim will be the first one to tell you…

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Episode 16 – “How to seize the day in less than 60 seconds.”

Looking to the future plans that God has for you is an opportunity to fill your heart with hope for a brighter tomorrow. However, there is another opportunity where your hope can also be filled, and it begins in the present moment. In fact, it starts as a moment in your day, preparing your heart,…

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Episode 15 – with special guest, Calvin Barber: “From barely alive to fully alive.”

Meet Fitness coach & author…… Being at the top of his field as a fitness coach, Calvin’s future never look brighter. Then the next thing you know he’s in the hospital bed barely clinging to life. What would you do? Listen in as we take a deep dive look into how Calvin went from his…

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Episode 14 – How to Live Secure in an Insecure World

What comes to mind for you when you think of creating security in your life? Financial Security….. get out of debt, save for retirement? Physical security….. create an active & healthy lifestyle? Marriage…. finding a spouse to spend the rest of your life with? These are all great ways to consider creating security in our…

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Episode #13 – Special Guest, AJ Amyx: “How the God that Moves Mountains Can Empower You to Get to that Next Level in Your Life.”

Listen in as marketing and business coach, AJ Amyx shares first hand how God has moved ‘mountains’ in his life. – AJ’s time as a Christian music artist. – Finding himself, from the inside out. – How AJ finds his center. – Breaking through the impostor syndrome. – taking the time to pause & slowdown…

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Episode 12 – “9 Blessings that Create a Lifetime of Fulfillment”

Would you agree that  it seems that success is often times measured from the outside instead of from the inside? Having success on the outside is easier to measure, because we can readily see it with our eyes. Our eyes tell us that the suit, the dress, the car, the house, the job that a…

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Episode 11 – With Special Guest: Taya Kyle, “Seeing God’s Beauty Through the Ashes”

Today’s guest is Taya Kyle. Although she might be best known as the wife of deceased “American Sniper,” Chris Kyle, she is a mother of two beautiful children a best selling author, and the Executive Director of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. If you follow Blockbuster movies, New York Times best selling books, or just…

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Episode 10 – How Faith & Love Align to Create a Lasting Marriage

forever & always

As a Christian, the core of my faith, is Christ. As it relates to married life, my love for my spouse is at the core of that relationship. Like your faith, Your love’s growth & effectiveness has a direct correlation to its use, and to the degree in which you put it to work. James…

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Episode 9 – How Mindset & Foundation Establishes a Path to a Blessed Marriage

What does a blessed marriage mean to you? What does it look like? What does it sound like? What does it feel like? And maybe the overarching questions is how do I get one…..a blessed marriage, that is? Creating a marriage that has all the elements that bring you joy and fulfillment is a lot like…

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Episode 8 – with special guest: Ed Rush, “When God Says, I Will Take Care of You, You Can Take It To The Bank!”

Rate & Review the Show Hey Blessed nation, meet Ed Rush! Ed, and his family live just south of San Diego California. He spent over a decade as an F18 fighter pilot in the US Marine Corps, but he might best be known for his leadership and marketing training.  Ed is also a 4 time…

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